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Am I currently conducting Yoga Teacher Trainings or Workshops?

For the past seven years, I have had the privilege of leading both 200-hour and 300-hour yoga teacher training courses, a journey that has been incredibly fulfilling. However, I’ve chosen to take a break from these trainings to dedicate time to personal endeavors, particularly this platform and starting a family. My passion for teaching and sharing innovative yoga practices remains strong, and though I am stepping back from full-scale teacher trainings, my commitment to education continues.

Instead of longer trainings, I am excited to offer a series of specialized 5 to 9-day intensive courses throughout the year. These intensives are designed to delve deep into specific areas of interest, including Myofascial Integrated Alignment, Myofascial Integrated Stretching, Pranayama and Breathwork, and Inversions. I believe that by providing shorter, more accessible courses, I can reach and impact a broader audience. For now, all these intensives will be hosted in Bali. I will announce dates and details via Instagram and email. Additionally, we are in the process of creating an events page on our platform to keep you informed about upcoming events.