Spiral Strength | Nexus

  • 30 min
  • Strength
  • Level 2

Equipment Needed

Class focus: Spiral Line, Serratus anterior, Rhomboids, Obliques, Erector Spinae


This level 2 strength class centers on the muscles of the spiral line and their synergistic support structures. Our primary objective is to strengthen the rotational muscles spanning the upper and lower body, with particular attention to the serratus anterior and rhomboid muscles. These muscles play pivotal roles in stabilizing the shoulder blades at the scapulothoracic joint during protraction and retraction, which is crucial for static scapular positioning in activities such as arm balances and handstands.

We engage the erector spinae muscle through rotational spinal extension, alternating with activating the internal and external obliques through opposing rotational spinal flexion or rotational axial extension. This dual approach enhances overall body stability and postural equilibrium.

Expect a challenging session; endeavor to maintain pace with the prescribed repetitions. Rest as necessary and resume when sufficiently recovered.

The Spiral Line is a myofascial structure that forms a continuous loop encircling the body in two opposing circles, one on each side. It originates from the sides of the back of the head, crosses the thoracic spine to the opposite shoulder, encircles the chest, crosses the navel, and descends to the hip. From there, it follows a path down the front thigh, looping around the outer edge of the foot before ascending along the outer thigh to the rear of the ischium, where it merges into the erector spinae fascia. This double-looped structure provides essential stability to the body in all planes, connecting the foot with the pelvis and playing a crucial role in postural regulation and balance during various movements and influencing knee alignment during activities like walking.

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Christine Barwick-Gross

This is exactly the type of class I need… Was hard, did not get all the push ups in, but I loved the prone twisting 🙂

Niketa Samuelsson

I love it – practicing with you Dylan. Your structure of classes, your down to earth and super pro instructions. I’ve been taking your classes for 5 years in the alo app. I just so appreciate your way. Love this warm up by the way, activating the energies with the jumping 👌🏻

Yan Mendes

If there’s another level of this class, I don’t wanna go there!! 😰😵