Mobility Bliss

  • 60 min
  • MIS
  • All Levels

Equipment Needed

Class Focus: Full Body Flexibility, Functional Lines, Hip Openers, Mobility


This all levels MIS class begins with a full body warm-up, moving primarily through the properties of elasticity and viscoelasticiy to create glide and promote healthy stretching. This class focuses a little more into the functional line with a strong emphasis on mobility. We explore more hip openers and active, full range movements while also working through full body flexibility. This class can be repeated daily or cycled with other MIS classes.

Myofascial Integrated Stretching (MIS) is an innovative approach to increasing range of motion, promoting healthy joint function and myofascial health. It is grounded in current scientific knowledge of flexibility and the myofascial system. MIS prioritizes safe and effective stretching techniques while promoting a holistic understanding of the body’s physiology. In MIS, posture holds are intentionally shorter, optimizing time for maximum increases in flexibility. Discomfort is minimized, and attention is given to respecting the body’s signals. Proper muscle warm-up is crucial, enhancing muscle glide, stretching gains, and injury prevention. MIS utilizes passive and active stretching methods for a comprehensive approach to myofascial wellness. MIS sequences target the entire body, promoting balanced myofascial stretching. Techniques such as gentle bouncing, oscillating movements, and targeted tuning poses enhance fascial pliability. MIS recognizes the value of monoarticular (focused on one joint) and polyarticular (involving multiple joints) stretches, offering a balanced approach to flexibility.

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Sabrina Pessione

Feeling good! Thanks a lot

Jenna Switzer

Love this class. Feels amazing!

Jakub Lorek


Aaron Fisher

Great class!

Christine Barwick-Gross

That felt sooo good! I actually find the stretching warm up quite exhausting, but all the stretching still feels awesome.