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What do I do if Iíve received a failed payment?

If you’ve received a notification about a payment that wasn’t successful, a few scenarios might be causing this issue. The primary factors behind payment failures are typically related to insufficient funds or the potential of your credit card provider or bank restricting payment processing.

Here are some steps you can take to potentially reinstate your payment process:

  • †If your payment card lacks the necessary funds or requires updating, you can navigate to your payment settings on the internet, accessible through your Profile. This is where you have the option to revise your payment method.
  • Assuming your credit card details are current and the account holds sufficient funds, you should initiate contact with your credit card company and/or bank institution. We lack the authority to approve payments that your bank has obstructed or labeled as “high risk”.

Frequently, banks might hinder payments because they’re unfamiliar with the charge, leading them to disable the payment processing. Another common scenario pertains to international transactions, which your local bank might perceive as unfamiliar and consequently prevent for security reasons.